Lee Campbell
Design With Code

Front-end Engineer @ Bitwise investments
Remotely in Greenville, SC

Hello I’m Lee Campbell, a digital designer based in Greenville, SC where I’m working @Bitwise and renovating a house with my wife Emily. I‘m fond of learning new things and sort of classify myself as a generalist designer who enjoys the entire gamut of design, photography, illustration, and front-end development.

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I’ve had the opportunity to work across a number of verticals and team sizes from ad agencies, product teams, and in-house roles. From tight knit teams of 6 too teams 100+ building as a solo do-it-all person or a focused specialist on a broad team of talented individuals.

Bitwise Investments

Front-end Engineer

2022 — Present



2019 — 2022

Craft & Theory

Lead Designer

2018 — 2020

Infinity Marketing

  • Senior Digital Designer

  • Digital Designer

  • Web Designer

  • Multimedia Designer

  • Intern

2013 — 2019

This Website

This website is built not as a portfolio of projects and case studies but more a feed of ideas, work, and inspiration both professionally and passionately through my career and daily life. Majority of my day to day work is in front-end engineering and the scaling of Next.js and React codebases in marketing/product teams.

Built with:

  • NextJs
  • Hygraph
  • Vercel
  • Figma
  • RadixUI
  • Stitches